We Count your order FIVE times, ah, ah, ah!





How can you be certain you received all of the screen printed t-shirts you ordered?

At Greek Corner Screen Printing and Embroidery, our process ensures your order is counted and confirmed five times before you pick up your completed screen printing and embroidery.

After you confirm and pay for your order:

  • Our ordering clerk will order from our garment vendor catalogs.
  • When each shipment arrives, she counts in each garment and confirms the quantity received exactly matches your order.
  • Once the delivery has been confirmed to match, she boxes up each individual order.
  • When the screen printing assistant sorts and stacks the shirts for printing, they count every shirt to confirm it matches the your order for quantity, style and size.
  • When the screen printing tech finishes printing your order, they confirm the machine count matches the total quantity of garments in your order.
  • When printed shirts come off the dryer conveyor belt, the Quality Assurance Tech counts every shirt to confirm it matches the your order for quantity, style and size ah, ah, ah.

Five times. Your order is counted:

  1. When the shirts are ordered.
  2. When the shirts are sorted for production.
  3. When the shirts are prepped for printing.
  4. As they are being printed.
  5. Immediately as they come off the dryer and are placed in our custom printed shipping box.

When you pick up your order of screen printing or embroidery, you can be confident you’ll have exactly the number of garments you ordered.