Our customers have raised over $70,000 using our online fundraising stores. Corporate customers are benefitting from the convenience having their own company store.

Fundraising Stores

MoneyTees customers have sold thousands of custom printed t-shirts, screen printed hoodies, fashion tees and long sleeve t-shirts. They’ve even made money selling promotional products on their online fundraising stores. On two occasions, our stores raised over $17,000 for the families of law enforcement officers that lost their life in the line of duty. During the recent pandemic, our campaign raised over $20,000 to support local businesses and not-for-profits. 

Corporate Stores

Many of our corporate clients have taken advantage of the convenience of creating an online store for their corporate apparel and promotional items. Instead of having a designated employee deal with the hassle of taking and processing orders, we do all the work through a custom designed online store.

Military Unit Pride Stores

Military personnel take great pride in their unit. Our (link) site is a terrific way for units to acquire t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts, coffee mugs, and tumblers featuring their unit logo and design. We do all of the work so they can focus on defending our freedom.

Best of all, for each of these stores we have taken away the headache, hassle and stress that comes from:

  • taking orders
  • collecting money
  • distributing t-shirts 
  • the risk that comes from ordering too many screen printed t-shirts in advance
  • the liability that comes with collecting money

Contact today and get started on your fundraising, corporate, or Military Unit store.