Every t-shirt tells a Story.






American consumers spend over three billion dollars on branded t-shirts every year. Regardless of the reason they buy a tee, every purchase is based on a personal connection that’s tied to the t-shirt long after its initial purchase. Buying a t-shirt is a personal emotional purchase; whether it’s:

  • A memorable family reunion
  • A fun school field trip
  • A family trip or vacation
  • A sporting event or milestone
  • Promoting your company event or brand
  • A special fundraising event, concert, or activity
  • A church mission trip

The person wearing a custom screen printed t-shirt invests important emotional capital in every tee they have in their closet or drawer. How many times have you been cleaning out the closet or drawer and found a t-shirt you haven’t worn in years, but can’t bear to part with it? Printed tees aren’t just clothes; they become artifacts of the life we have lived.

The first step in telling your story is selecting the type of garment. This can be an eco-friendly shirt to show your love of the planet. It could be a shirt that’s Made in the USA to show you prefer to source domestically. Your story starts with your brand of shirt. Second, our talented graphic designers can take your ideas and create a fantastic design that you and your group will love at no additional cost.

Whether it’s your family’s story, your church’s story or a story about your favorite charity, we encourage you to share your story with the world. At Greek Corner Screen Printing and Embroidery, we make telling your story on a t-shirt EASY. 

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