For your convenience, we’ve listed the answers to many of your most frequently asked questions about screen printing and embroidery.

What is your minimum order?

For screen printed apparel, we have a minimum order of 12 shirts. However, due to our quantity screen printing discounts, it is actually less expensive to order at least 25 shirts. Embroidered sportswear does not require a minimum number of garments. Of course, quantity discounts apply based on the number of pieces you order.

Do you require payment in advance?

As part of the fallout from Covid-19, our vendors now require payment anytime we place an order for garments. In turn we require payment in full before we process your order. For you convenience, we send you an online payment request at the same time we send your Order Confirmation Request. As soon as payment is received and you approve your order, we will order your garments and begin creating your t-shirt design.

Can you help me with my t-shirt design?

Absolutely. Our talented artists will work with you to come up with a t-shirt design you will love. Your first hour of design time is FREE. Our experienced designers can create most designs in one hour or less. If your design takes longer than one hour, current hourly rates will apply. Visit our blog for Design Tips and Tricks, Printing Styles, How to Design for Schools, and Screen Printing FAQ’s.

What are your art requirements?

Our staff of talented artist are able to create a great design from most anything you give them. However, the better the quality art you provide, the better final result. For best results, see Artwork Guidelines for Screen Printing.

How soon can I get my shirts?

Depending upon the current production schedule, your order should be complete in two weeks. However, we will attempt accommodate your delivery date whenever possible.

How many colors can we print?

At this time, you can have up to six colors printed per location. Learn more about How many ink colors you can use on our blog. Minimums apply.

Do you have set-up fees/charges?

Screen Printing. We do not charge any set up fees. In addition, your first hour of art is FREE.

Embroidery. If you just want to add you name to a garment in a standard font, there are no set up fees. However, if you want to reproduce a design or logo, we will have to digitize the image before it can be sewn. That fee depends upon the number of stitches in your design. Rates start at $60.00 per design.

Do your t-shirts shrink?

The most popular t-shirt we use is pre-shrunk. We’ve had very few complaints about shrinkage when using that particular brand.

Are you licensed to print Missouri State University trademarks?

Yes, we are a Learfield Licensing Partner with Missouri State. Only licensed vendors are allowed to print University trademarks including the bearhead and logo.

Do you give shop tours?

Absolutely! We love giving our customers, prospects, and school group a tour of our shop. Our tours give our visitors a peek behind the scenes to see first hand the processes and procedures we have in place to insure the quality of their screen printing project. They will see a neat, clean, orderly, and efficient shop. It also gives them the opportunity see our state-of-the-art automatic screen printing presses at work and see why we are More Than Just a Great T-shirt. To set up your tour, call Brad at 417.865.8011.

May I visit your showroom?

Although many of our customers complete their entire screen printing and embroidery order via email, we prefer that you visit our showroom. Our trained sales staff will be happy to walk you through our showroom and help you get started on your project. We have a wide variety of samples available for your consideration. Be certain to check out our Allmade tees. They are the softest t-shirt we’ve every worn

What happened to Bigfish Screenprinting?

On January 1, 2018, The Greek Corner acquired Bigfish Screenprinting. On March 28, 2018, both businesses moved to a new location at 614 N. Washington in Springfield, MO. Many of the Bigfish employees are still with us including the entire art staff. They all have been a tremendous addition to The Greek Corner team.

Are you the company that carries the shirts that are made of plastic bottles?

We are proud to carry the Allmade Brand. Not only is each shirt made of six recycled water bottles, they are made with non-GMO organic cotton, and renewable Modal. Best of all, these shirt are manufactured at facility where every worker makes up to five times the standard wage in Haiti. In addition, they work in a dignified work environment. These shirts change lives!

Do you offer a program for fundraising?

Absolutely! Our MoneyTees fundraising platform is a great way to raise funds for your school, club, or group. Our Internet Sales Specialist will work with you to create a design that will create fun, excitement, and sales. To get started today or if you have questions, just email us a moneytees@greekcornerprinting.com.

Will you print copyrighted material?

We do not print any artwork that is copyrighted. Artwork, images, quotes found on the internet are all copyrighted. We do not print any look alike designs such as the Chiefs, Cardinals, Disney, NFL, or famous people.

Can you order and embroider Carhartt jackets?

We are very pleased to be able to purchase and embroider Carhartt apparel. You can find a wide variety of Carhartt styles in the catalog section of this website. While it is somewhat difficult to embroider Carhartt jackets, our experienced embroidery staff does a great job.

May I bring in my own garments for screen printing?

Are you allowed to hand your own steak to the waiter at Jimm’s Steakhouse and ask them to grill it for you? Due to quality control and liability issues, neither do we.

May I bring in my own garments for embroidery?

Yes, you may bring in personal items for embroidery. All orders are subject to your approval of a liability waiver.

Do you carry promotional products? What are the set-up charges?

Absolutely, we have access to thousands of promotional products. From pens to coffee mugs, umbrellas to totes, we have a wide variety of products to help promote your business. Set up fees vary between product and quantity. Email us at moneytees@greekcornerprinting.com to learn more.

What is the turn-around time on my order?

Depending upon the season, completion of your order will take one and a half to two weeks. If you have an event with a deadline, contact us as soon as possible. If you need your order faster than two weeks, let us know we will do our best to help you. However, rush charges may apply.