Military Unit Stores

Military Unit Gear

Our military unit gear stores are an easy way to show pride in your unit with custom printed apparel and accessories.

It’s easy to set up a store for your unit

We make it easy to order t-shirts, hoodies and promotional products for your military unit. Not only is it easy to get started, we collect all of the money. As a result, you don’t have to worry about Federal restrictions on handling cash. You also avoid the hassle of distributing the completed t-shirts and hoodies when the order is complete. Once we get your store set up, you can stand at ease because we have your back. With your store, we will:

  • Create a custom design using your ideas, unit logo, and motto
  • Set up a customized store with your selected garments
  • Process all orders and collect the money – You don’t have to touch any of it
  • Print and ship the completed orders to each individual
  • Send you a check for the proceeds

You will have none of the risk. But you DO get the reward.

Start your store by emailing us at or call us today at (417) 865-8011.

Successful Store Campaigns

  • 3/7 Battalion
  • 3/7 India Company
  • 3/7 Lima Company
  • 3/7 Kilo Company
  • 3/7 Weapons Company
  • 3/7 Combat Logistics Company
  • 24th Marine Expeditionary
  • 3/7 Deployment
  • 3/7 H & S  Company