Save Money by Proofreading the Art Proof

Always proofread you artwork!

For years, we’ve encouraged each of our customers to take a few minutes to proofread their art proofs. The following are three reasons why taking the time to proofread your art is investment, not a waste of time.

Embarrassment. Years ago before we were in this industry, a friend of ours was the Director of Marketing for a large Certified Public Accountant. We will call her Kayla (not her real name). Kayla ordered 500 very nice coffee cups with the firm’s name printed on each side of the cup.  Unfortunately, when she proofread the art, she failed to notice that the “L” was missing from the word “Public”. While it was fun shattering 500 coffee cups into the dumpster, she was embarrassed beyond words.

Expense. Since the partners were adamant that they have new coffee cups, Kayla had to order new cups. The additional expense came out of her budget and drained funds that were earmarked for one of her favorite projects. 

Timeliness. Fortunately, Kayla’s coffee mugs were not for a specific event. Had they been for a trade show or customer event, she may not have the replacements in hand in time for the event. Who knows what important customer “touch” would have been missed.

The following are a few tips you can use when proofreading your artwork.

Mobile Device. Never approve an art proof over a cell phone or mobile device. Be sure to use a screen that is big enough to see all of the details. Especially if there is a small copy.

Numbers. Pay particular attention to phone numbers, the spelling of names and web addresses. Phone numbers can easily be transposed. People are especially sensitive when their name is spelled incorrectly.

Get help. Don’t be afraid to ask a co-worker or friend to proofread a copy of the art proof. It’s always a great idea to have a second set of eyes take a fresh look at your artwork.

Our courteous, professional staff is always happy to help you and your staff work through the art process. Call them today to have them help you with your next project.

P.S. Taking the time to properly study your proof will save you embarrassment, time, money, and quite possibly, your job.