Shop Tours Reveal Commitment to Quality


Greek Corner Screen Printing and Embroidery shop

You’ve decided to order screen printed t-shirts for your group, church, school or team. You Google custom screen printed t-shirts and are amazed to find 12 -15 local companies that print t-shirts. So, how do you pick the best one? It may be easy to compare price and delivery time, but how do you judge quality? Here’s a great way to separate the men from the boys . . . ask to take a tour of their shop.

Taking a shop tour is a great way to learn how a company really feels about quality. Here are few things to look for while they are showing you around.

Floor. Is it clean? Do your shoes stick to the floor? Are there globs of ink tracked all over the shop? Is it difficult to navigate through the shop?

Equipment. The equipment doesn’t have to be the latest and greatest. However, is it clean? Is ink smeared all over the machine? Does it appear to be well maintained? Does it look like the equipment actually works? Does it look like it’s held together with baling wire?

Efficient. Does the shop look efficient and orderly. Is it neat and uncluttered or does it look like an episode from the TV show “Hoarders”? Are there pieces of old, unused equipment sitting around covered with stacks of boxes and other pieces of equipment?

Lint. Is every flat surface covered with lint? Are dust bunnies multiplying in every nook and cranny? Does the top of the dryer look like a shag carpet due to a thick layer of lint?

Screen printing shops are notorious for being less than neat and clean. Sure, a dirty, cluttered shop might be able to produce a nice printed t-shirt. Anything is possible. However, you can be assured that if a shop cares enough about keeping their shop neat, clean and well organized they will be sticklers about the quality of your t-shirt order. You are always welcome to visit our shop. Call to set up your tour today.